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The second phase of coding.

The defense against internal attacks on the Online Election Manager



Student Developer · Google Summer of Code

Open Printing (under The Linux Foundation)

Jun 2020 – Present Prayagraj, India
My project is to integrate the Common Print Dialog Backends in Qt, using a DBus API to access the installed backends. This project enables Qt developers to leverage the features of CPDB in their applications.

Student Research Associate

National Center for Cyber Security and Cyber Defense of Critical Infrastructures

Dec 2019 – Present IIT Kanpur
Helping develop new tools for honeypot research. Helped in hosting the ScadaCTF at Nullcon 2020.

Backend Developer · Summer Intern

New York Office

Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 IIT Kanpur
Worked on a scalable web application with an extensive technology stack. Created backend for a link management system, built a URL shortening microservice and its gRPC server and developed an entire scalable private messaging feature.

Student Research Associate

New Office Automation, DOIP

Dec 2018 – Dec 2018 IIT Kanpur

Responsible for the security audit of Pingala, which is the campus automation portal of IIT Kanpur.

I found and reported ways to bypass various security checks and thereby gain unauthorized access to data.


My client for IITBucks - a custom blockchain based cryptocurrency

A messenger bot that can ask you GK questions, built for the Facebook Messaging Hackathon. The project has been deployed and is available to chat on Facebook Messenger at

Developed a web app for efficient inventory management across various departments of the NGO Vitraag Vigyaan

A cryptographically secure web portal to manage online elections